Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let it begin...

It's been a while since I've had my blog brain switched on, but it's back and ready to roll....
So much has happened in the past month that I'm not even sure where to begin. I will start by saying this; I am in Mexico, 3.5 days into my treatment! More importantly, I am able to be here because of the amazing love and support I have had from family, friend's and strangers (far and wide). Everyone has been so amazing at making sure this treatment becomes a reality for me. To each and everyone of you, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! XX

And now for the part you've all been waiting for....the treatment.
I am at http://chipsa.com/ (for those who want an good read) in Playa Del Tijuana.
All is going well so far. The hospital is spotless, and the staff are super friendly and attentive. The treatment is rigorous and demanding, but manageable as I know I'm kickin rogue cells into outter space! 

My treatment at the moment goes a little something like this, a brief overview:
6.am -wake up to a nice warm pot of coffee (used for an enema!)
7a.m. -B12 injection in ma butt (except they're using my thigh cause my butt is meatless!)
8a.m. juice #1 of 13 arrives and some breakfast
9a.m. Doctor(extremely good looking one)comes for chats and juice (he doesn't indulge in one, only me)..
11a.m. hydrotherapy (basically you are a teabag, in hot water that continues to get hotter) cancer don't like heat! aaaaand more juice.
12pm- Immunotherapy injection and for a change some juice
2pm-lunch and juice
3pm-coffee enema with a side of juice
7pm-juice and dinner
8pm-coffee enema and the final juice woo hoo...

Phew...all this and lotsa vitamins, siting in the sun, sleeping, blood tests and vital checks.  The team here are very positive and thorough...I'm feeling good and I am ready to kick some major ass!


  1. I'm so proud of you, Clare. Mad love.

  2. Supergirl! A black and white feline down the street asked me to say she's urging you on...

  3. This sounds amazing! We actually were just watching a show the other night on this exact treatment looks very positive :) Sending so much love and positive energy your way! Love...Tara

  4. Does the "Juice" ever come with a good generous shot of Tequila - I bet that would get those cells moving even faster.
    We're thinking of you and cheer you on! Go Clare and love also to Steph (I hope she does not get green in her face when she sees another juice)
    Love, Petra

  5. i love it! keep the updates coming. sending big giant hugs and positive vibes your way, cuz!! XOXO
    p.s. hola, Steph! :)

  6. we don't mind if you come back orange, lovely lady... just come back cancer free!
    we believe in you! those rogue cells are toast. (would it be weird if i made a sarah palin "going rogue" joke?)